Saturday, September 18, 2010

Transporting your Deer

Kenn wrote:
"...I just got my lic and permit to hunt a deer this fall. I'm using a 40lb recurve and have a place to hunt up near Marysville. I'm still a bit vague on field dressing, processing stations and such. For instance, with a small to med sized buck, will I be able to transport it in the back of my Matrix or do I need to get a truck? Do you have any sage advice?"

Congratulations! Finding a good spot to hunt is sometimes the hardest part of the whole thing. I was a bit vague on field dressing too. Go on Youtube and search "kyafield deer dressing" There's a great video there-- not quite the way I do it, but it'll work.

Hmmmm. Now we come to the part about the Matrix. Frankly I wouldn't let Morpheus catch you out roaming around. Agent Smith is everywhere these days. If you're comprimised, they may be able to trace your connection all the way back to Zion. . .

. . . Oh, you mean THAT kind of Matrix. You should be okay. However, I would make sure you have enough room in the back for all your gear AND the deer. Also, carry a 10X12 tarp to wrap the deer in. Once you're done cleaning there will always be some blood and it's a bear to get out of your trunk. You may also want to think about keeping something like duffel bags handy to take some of your gear up on the luggage rack for the ride home.

Whatever you do, don't pull the old trick of trying to tie the deer off on the hood. For one thing it really screws up the meat-- all that wind and the heat from the engine. Secondly, it is really poor taste to go around with a deer in the open. I (of course) don't mind seeing dead deer, but a lot of people take great offense, and there's really no point being in-your-face about it.

Good luck!!! Take lots of pictures.

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Hunting Videos said...

We always use a 4-wheeler to transport our deer. Living in oklahoma it is pretty easy to get around the terrain on a quad. Great post.